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Daydreams ♪

"The symbol of freedom it the music like a symphony"
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    Friday, April 24, 2015 | 10 Skylight
    Hallow Valleria
    Mau bagi2 Hadiah....
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    Blogger Alya Armandi said...

    Name:Alya Azzahra Armandi (Alya)
    Gift yang dipilih:Gift 3

    Blogger Francois Pauline Archambault said...

    @Alya ok
    And For All

    Blogger Isha Faisha said...

    Name:Faisha Alifia Farenzi
    Blog: http://aikatsusblog.blogspot.com/

    Blogger Adliyah Rahmita said...

    Name: Adliyah Rahmita
    Email: adlimita05@gmail.com
    Blog: coretanadliyah.blogspot.com
    Gift : 4

    Blogger Francois Pauline Archambault said...

    @faisha ok
    @mita sip
    Gift 2 AND 3

    Blogger Mikaila Acelin said...

    Name: Mikaila Acelin Sayidina
    Email: Acelin2004@gmail.com
    Blog: storyof-mikaila.blogspot.com
    Gift yang dipilih: gift 5

    Blogger Gifta Good said...

    Name: Gifta
    Email: stefanigifta@gmail.com
    Blog: www.giftasblog.co.vu
    Gift : 1

    Blogger Esa Mafatihurrahmah said...

    Nama:Esa Mafatihurrahmah
    Email: esamafati@gmail.com
    Blog: http://esatheblog.blogspot.com
    Gift: 1

    Blogger Shafa Zahra said...

    Name: Zahra
    Email: seizzafia@gmail.com
    Blog: http://boboiboy-bloggie.blogspot.com/
    Gift yang dipilih: Gift 5
    Makasih ya!

    Blogger Bintang Neli said...

    Nama : Bintang
    Email : bintangneli63@gmail.com
    Blog : http://frozenbloggies.blogspot.com
    Gift Pilihan : 4
    Salam hangat dari Bintang!


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