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    Tutorial : Add comments display in Classic Template / Blogskins
    Kamis, 18 Juni 2015 | 1 Comments
    Oyasumi minna
    Most of Blogskins people are using have no display comments. So, I've decided to give you my entire codes, which I took from Blogger Template. 
    First, paste the codes below BEFORE </style> 

    Then search for </Blogger> , paste the codes below BEFORE it.

    After that, you need to search another </Blogger> tag  (most blogskins have two entry codes due to pagination system) , and paste the codes before it again.

    Now you're done ! Bagitau kalau tak jadi okay, bai 
    Thxx for kak wana


    Blogger Nisrina Salsabila mengatakan...

    thanks kak^^


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