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    Freebies : Cartoon Cursor
    Rabu, 10 Mei 2017 | 1 Comments
    Hasil gambar untuk krul tepes gif
    Ohayou gaezz
    Seperti biasa Ann on jam segini :v
    Gausah ditanya gif diatas ngapain muter-muter mulu:v 
    Lama ga ngepost freebies jadi ku mau ngepost freebies cursor

    Tinker Belle:


     Finding Nemo:


    Cute Hello Kitty 2
    Cute Hello Kitty 7
    Cute Hello Kitty 6
    Large Grey Polka Dot Pointer
    Large Yellow Polka Dot Pointer
    Heart Chat Bubble
    Tiny Star
    Cute Bunny Holding Heart
    Tiny Book
    Angel Wing Heart
    Pink Cherry
    Blue Berry and Cherry Mix
      Credits: Google


    Blogger Nurul Afifah mengatakan...

    Comel nya cursor! Tapi selalu rasa mcm tricky bila pakai cursor corak2 jd tak pakai dan sekarang.


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